Bathroom Furniture & Decor – Recessed Medicine Cabinets

Every house has a medicine cabinet and more often than not, they’re placed in the bathroom. Most medicine cabinets double as a wall mirror and this is a very good idea since nothing really reminds you that it’s time to take your medication than looking at your face in the mirror. A great way to save space in the bathroom is by taking out your old medicine cabinet and having a recessed medicine cabinet installed.

Recessed medicine cabinets give the illusion of having a continuous wall mirror with nothing behind it. The traditional bulky box sometimes can become an eyesore because it simply doesn’t fit in with anything else in the bathroom. You may have streamlined bathroom fixtures but there’s this big bulky box with a mirror staring you right in the face.

The usual bathroom design is one that maximized every available space in it. To achieve that maximized state, recessed medicine cabinets are the key. Three or four inches of saved space can be the difference between having a really messy bathroom counter from one that is functional and organized, the recessed medicine cabinet can provide you with that extra space.

Another feature that these recessed medicine cabinets have over their older, bulkier counterparts is that they are designed to open with a simple push. No more fumbling with latches on the side and figuring out which way the door opens. With just a simple push on the right side and the spring mechanisms will open the cabinet door for you.

You won’t have to worry about hinges falling off as well because they’re all pretty much built into the wall. Older medicine boxes have this problem because the whole cabinet is being supported by just a couple of screws. The recessed models are supported by the hole in which they are mounted on and nothing is more stable than a whole wall right?

The recessed medicine cabinet also offers a feature that the older medicine cabinets don’t have and that is secrecy. Properly installed medicine cabinets will virtually be indistinguishable from the other wall mirrors in the bathroom. Guests or other individuals won’t be able to rummage through your medication unless you tell them where the actual location was. This level of security and privacy for your medication is for me, very important and should have been at the top of the list when medicine cabinets were first designed.

Child safety is a feature that is not mentioned in any brochure but I can tell you that this is one aspect of the medicine cabinet that they should advertise for. Children or young adults will eventually get curious of what’s in the medicine cabinet. Nothing screams “Open me!” to a child than a big shiny box with a latch on the side. You get to decide when they’re responsible enough to know where the medicines are being kept and not before.

Now that we have gone through all of the advantages, you might probably ask me if there are any disadvantages to have recessed medicine boxes. All I can think of is one disadvantage. That disadvantage is cost. The cost of getting a new medicine cabinet and the cost of having it installed in the wall may cost a pretty penny so ultimately it’s up to you if it’s really worth the cost.

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