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After a long day at work, nothing refreshes the mind and the body more than a long relaxing shower. I was content with the regular shower head we had at home for the longest time. If my cousin didn’t decide to get married and invite me to New York, I wouldn’t have discovered what I’ve been missing for all these years.

I went to New York with my cousin shouldering the entire bill, including the nice five-star hotel that he put me up in. When I stepped into the bathroom, I was awed by the beauty of the waterfall shower head that was waiting for me to use it. I’ve heard about waterfall shower heads before from friends and relatives but I never really gave it a second thought because a shower was just a shower for me and they were all alike in my view.

A few seconds was all it took for me to make the decision that I would have a waterfall shower head installed at home. I literally took multiple showers every day when I was checked into that hotel room because of the shower head. If there’s one thing that stood out with the waterfall shower head, it was RELAXING.

The waterfall shower head did exactly as its namesake did, it made a small waterfall in the comfort of your own bathroom. Unlike traditional shower heads that became more forceful when you turned up the volume, the waterfall shower head simply becomes more relaxing as you turn up the water. In traditional shower heads when the pressure increases, so does the velocity of the jets of water, and that sometimes can make it painful.

While I like it a lot, the experience of the waterfall shower head is probably not for everybody. There are people who would prefer to spend as little time in the shower as possible and they just want to get in, have the soap and water washed off as quickly as possible and then get out. But if you’re the person who wants to luxuriate in the shower and wash away the tiredness that has accumulated during the day then this type of shower head is perfect for you.

How do shower heads like this one function? To make it simple, there’s a small space at the rear of that shower head that accumulates water that comes from the pipes. After a while, this small space gets filled and overflows out to the designed opening making the water fall naturally via gravity. The way that the water falls from the shower head mimics the natural way that water falls and this has a very relaxing effect on our body.

Regular shower heads on the other hand force water into tiny openings which create thin streams of water. This has been the “norm” when it comes to shower heads but once you have tried the waterfall shower heads, it kind of feels unnatural. Not everyone will want the experience of having a waterfall shower head though, good thing that there are models available out there that can double as a waterfall shower head and a regular one as well.

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