Basement Bathroom Ideas

The construction or remodelling of a basement can never be complete without the inclusion of basement bathroom ideas. A basement primarily serving as an entertaining space may need only a stylish powder room instead of a full bathroom. Basement bathroom ideas for a powder room can take the form of a small space with only a toilet and a sink.

Having a guest suite or an adult or teen bedroom in the basement precludes having a full bathroom. Basement bathroom ideas for this lower-level bathroom may include curved front sinks and walk in showers. Just because it is not the main home bathroom does not mean one can not indulge in luxury features.

Because the kids are expected to be frequent guests in the basement arena, they must be kept in mind in the discussion of basement bathroom ideas. The addition of a colourful accent to this bathroom is achievable with the attachment of unused paint cans to the wall for holding fresh towels.

For the illumination of vanities and provision of ambient lighting, basement bathroom ideas suggest the placement of ceiling lights in front of a wall sized mirror. This is part of a good lighting plan for the basement bathroom. As lighting is of outmost importance for the entirety of the basement space, it is likewise as important when talking of the bathroom installed for the space.

Materials that are functional and stylish are the primary choices when it comes to basement bathroom ideas. Functionality means the selection of water-resistant materials. Different surfaces, that are complementary in texture and tone, may be combined in a tiny, practical bathroom corner for the prevalence of visual harmony.

For the expansion of the space, basement bathroom ideas advocate the use of mirrors. Mirrors, which stretch from wall to wall and from countertop to ceiling, make a modest basement bathroom look bigger than it actually is. They also increase the light that envelopes the room by creating an illusion of having twice the number of windows as well as bouncing back the illumination provided by the light fixtures.

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