Troubled Toddlers – Top 3 Best Ways Of Handling Child Irritability

What happens when your sweet baby turns into a screaming and yelling psychopath-like toddler? What should you do? How should you react? What’s the best way to deal with toddler tantrums?

The toddler stage can be an incredibly frustrating time for most parents and the fact is that many folks just aren’t prepared to deal with it – it just dawns on them unexpectedly because the child just grows so fast. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry you’re not alone, there are ways to effectively deal with such behaviors.

It can be extremely frustrating dealing with a toddler especially when they’re throwing tantrums and many parents are just in the dark with the best methods in which to deal with such situations – this is especially true with first-time parents. So here are some things you must understand about your child:

Much like adults, toddlers do get stressed out and they do need to let loose once in a while and blow off steam to release their frustrations – let them. However, you will need to keep a close eye on them when they go nuts and make sure you keep them in a safe environment where they can’t injure themselves.

Toddlers when tired or irritated are most likely to go into tantrum fits. Situations where he doesn’t get what he wants may trigger this behavior so if you know it’s coming, try to deter your child by giving him alternative options. For instance, he may want you to buy him a particular item and you know you’re not going to give it to him. Offer him something else from your pocket instead, such as your keys or your cell phone.

If the tantrum starts, just ignore it or pretend that it doesn’t affect you, or you can’t hear it. Eventually your toddler will see that crying and screaming and going into a fit does no good and he will tire of it. The worst thing you can do is try to comfort him or give in as this is exactly what he wants to occur.

If you’re in public and the tantrum starts, don’t be embarrassed or take it personally. Embarrassment or guilt can lead many parents to give in or try to placate a child with cookies, thus sending the child a message that tantrums mean treats.

What you can do is give him something nice if he behaves properly. Reward is the best incentive for behaving well. So each time your little one is well-behaved, give him a treat or at least a huge hug, as attention or praise can also be a big reward and all children crave it.

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