The A-B-C Of Choosing A High Chair For Your Baby

Getting a high chair for your baby is one of the things new parents do once the child is able enough to sit up alone. The high chair is ideal for seating him at the dinner table when the rest of the family is having a meal. It makes the family picture complete. If the child is left in its room you’ll be worried about its well-being and won’t be able to enjoy the meal fully. The child too will benefit from attending the dinner table get-together, picking up little bits and pieces of behavior that will be the beginning of its education. The many options available in high chairs may confuse you a bit. We’ll try to remove that confusion here.

The primary feature you should look for is stability. Babies can be quite active at the age when you put them in a high chair. They can easily bend over and unbalance the chair, toppling it over with serious consequences. Stability means that the base should be wide – as compared with its height. You really can’t have a chair with its legs spread right out to completely eliminate the risk of toppling over, but it should be reasonably wide. There are ways of lowering the high chair’s center of gravity, which will increase stability. In any case your precious baby should *never* be left unattended in the high chair.

High chairs come with safety straps to restrain the child from slipping out of the chair. At the very minimum it must have a crotch strap and a waist strap. If it has straps for the upper body, so much the better. If the high chair has no safety straps, but only provides restraint in the form of a padded bar or tray in front of the child, it is not a good choice, safety wise.

Babies are apt to spill food or dirty themselves quite often. Choose a high chair with machine-washable cushioning which can be removed, cleaned and fitted back on easily. This will help in maintaining hygiene which is essential to keep your child in good health.

If your child attends family meals then it is a good idea to get toys which can be attached to the high chair. This will keep him amused while the rest of you can enjoy the meal in peace. Just make sure that the toys don’t contain substances which can make your child sick, because babies like to put things into their mouth. Also make sure that the toys are unbreakable. The jagged edges of a broken toy can injure your child. Musical rattles and colorful inflatables are a good choice.

You have to open the front tray to put the baby into the chair. If the tray requires both your hands to open it, then this will become an aggravation for you. Better get a high chair that is designed in such a way that you can open the front tray with a single hand. It will help if the back can be tilted all the way back, so that it becomes a recliner. This way the chair doubles as a temporary bed for very small children. It is preferable to get a high chair with a height adjustment feature, so that you can raise the seat to the height that suits the occasion. Your cleaning chores will be reduced if the meal tray can be washed in a dishwasher; a supplementary snack tray is a very helpful idea.

To wind up, the safety and cleanliness features are the most essential features of a high chair for your child. Don’t even consider a high chair without the essentials! The other options depend largely on your budget, and how useful they are going to be in your particular case. Getting a durable product is always a good idea, and the same applies to high chairs. Junior’s high chair will come in handy for his siblings when it’s their time to come on the scene!

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