Regulating A Baby’s TV Time Is The Way To Go

As watching long hours of television every day has become more common all around the world, it has raised some serious questions about the healthiness of spending too much time in front of the television. One of the main concerns is about babies who watch television; is there a limit that should be placed on how much they can watch?

Despite the fact that many experts have stated that any television at all is unhealthy for babies, millions of infants are exposed to television every day. There are a tremendous number of television shows and movies targeted toward babies.

There are more and more videos popping up all the time that are specifically made for babies under the age of two. Parents have realized that babies enjoy television and that it can calm them down and occupy them. But should you limit your baby’s television watching?

First, it’s important to consider the type of show. Babies shouldn’t be allowed to watch shows with no educational value, such as cartoons. They do nothing for the development of a baby’s mind.

Fortunately, there are also educational videos for babies. These are much safer and can actually teach knowledge and skills that will be useful as the baby grows up. Some of these educational programs teach babies to read, speak different languages, or recognize sign language.

Parents of children under two years of age can breathe safe with their babies watching TV. There is no proof to suggest that television does harm to these babies, as long as the programs are educational and the viewing time is kept under control.

Even beneficial television shows don’t provide a quality substitute for the interaction between parents and babies. Still, they can be useful when a parent just needs to get a few things done while the baby stays occupied with a television show. It’s really something that a baby can expand his or her mind while the parent takes care of things around the house.

Of course, a baby’s exposure TV should always be carefully monitored. Babies should watch no more than an hour of television in a day, with this time preferably split up between two half-hour segments.

The babies who are most harmed by television are the ones who are allowed to sit in front of the set all day. As with many things in life, moderation is the way to go.

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