Newborn Nap Times & Ways It Can Affect Your Little One

Is your baby grumpy and frustrated during the day? Are you waking up countless times during the night just to put your infant back to bed? The major culprit of this is most likely extended day-time naps.

If you notice your newborn baby waking up too often during the night time, you will need to re-train his or her natural sleep patterns and get it back on track.

How do you do this? Pay attention to signs that your baby wants to nap, and put your child to sleep as soon as you are able to.

For your baby to learn to sleep at the right times, observe the child’s sleep cycles as well as signs of fatigue. Yawning and the lack of interest in things are good signs that you should put him to bed.

If you prolong an infant’s tiredness, it might reach a stage where it gets a “second wind”. Once this occurs he will be wide awake again and it won’t be possible to get him to nap. The result would be you waking up several times a night to attend to a crying child.

Getting your baby to sleep at the right time each night will only require your efforts for around a week as babies quickly adapt to any routine. Just stick with it and you’ll find sleep times will be a lot quieter as well as less frustrating to both you and your child.

Sometimes a baby’s sleeping schedule can be interrupted, due to family activities and such situations that you did not plan for or that cannot be avoided – this is okay. As long as on the following day you resume where you left off.

Continue routinely with the same course of action even if you do get a few days of interruption to your little one’s nap times. Most infants will quickly get used to repetition, so you don’t have to worry about a family outing ruining all your hard work.

To get your baby to adapt faster to his or her new nap schedule, you might like to try using soft music to give your child the cues to go to sleep. Once your baby has grown accustomed to the signals, sending your baby to sleep will be as easy as snapping your fingers.

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