Finding Organic Baby Bedding & Organic Nursery Items

Many parents decide to live completely organic lives for their new babies and themselves. Being organic allows for you to make sure that no unnecessary chemicals get added to your child’s body. It has recently been publicized that unnatural hormones and added chemicals can stunt growth or cause premature development. Organic baby bedding and other organic baby nursery decor are growing in popularity and have been since the findings were made public.

These days, you can find every kind of baby items in organic materials. Unfortunately, even though these products are popular, they’re quite pricey due to the materials cost to make all natural products. Even so, they’re great products and even last longer. Most parents who go organic don’t completely go organic but do incorporate some organic products into their lives and nurseries.

A suggestion would be to definitely make sure you have organic baby bedding. Since babies sleep for most of the day, spending the money on the baby bedding and possibly a mattress would be your most safe bet. Organic mattresses are made from high quality all natural materials. These may be lambs wool, latex, mohair, coconut fibers and horse tail hair. Traditional mattresses contain harmful chemicals such as flame retardants that is what most people put babies down on to sleep. If you can’t afford an organic mattress, make sure your sheets and mattress pad is.

Studies done recently have found an unhealthy level of formaldehyde in many cribs and changing tables. This shocking fact has deterred a lot of parents from purchasing the ordinary cribs you may see at a children’s store. Formaldehyde has been linked to many serious conditions such as allergies, asthma and cancer. This fact is especially shocking because children are vulnerable to contaminants. Organic cribs are made from U. S. Forests that are surely sustainable and sold unfinished without finishes that may be made from those harmful chemicals.

The reason why you don’t want your baby wearing or laying on anything made with chemicals, is because a baby’s skin is five times thinner than our skin. Anything you place near or on their skin can quickly get absorbed and may cause adverse medical conditions in the future. Organic materials are free of pesticides and chemicals that can cause those conditions! Almost all non organic fabrics go through a chemical treatment before going to the store where they’re sold.

Organic cotton is one of the most popular types of material that is made into baby bedding. It’s very different from regular cotton since ordinary cotton has the most pesticides in the U. S. Organic cotton is pure and is never treated with chemicals or pesticides at all. You don’t want your newborn sleeping on a bunch of chemicals, essentially, that’s what sleeping on ordinary sheets may be. Even though it’s natural, you can still get bedding in the colors and styles you want for your nursery.

Organic rugs are made from natural fibers and this is a great alternative to traditional carpets. They contain dangerous chemicals such as adhesives, stain protectors, allergens and flame retardants. You don’t want your children playing on that. Same with traditional hardwood and laminate. They contain chemicals that are dangerous to your children! This is why eco-friendly natural hardwood floors are suggested.

You want the best for yourself, your child and your family and going green and organic is definitely the way to do it. Going organic will actually make yourself and your child feel healthier and feel like you’re doing your part for the environment. You want your home and their nursery to be a safe and happy place. Even though in the past, organic products were difficult to find, they’re now very common in local baby stores, malls or even chain stores

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