Does Your Child Want A Bathroom Training Doll To Learn To Use The Bathroom?

There are few things far more frustrating in the world of raising a child than the process of potty training. Trying to get a small child to understand that urge to use the toilet and associating it with going to the potty can be a most annoying and difficult experience for a parent. Some children are simply too focused on whatever they are doing to pay attention. Others just don’t care.

Prior to the creation of the potty training doll, parents just had to go it alone. With a number of infants it seems no amount of pretty panties or even punishment in the corner would help. Now, these kinds of dolls could help parents get the message across to their baby that potty training is nice!

The Little Mommy Gotta Go doll is really unique. This doll is a blessing for parents who are beyond the point of aggravation while trying to get their infant to know the procedure. Little girls particularly enjoy playing mother to their baby dolls. They love to act grown up and this doll gives them the opportunity to do just that. Mattel produces this extremely popular potty training doll.

To start with, she speaks, moves around and also asks for help just like a real baby. Your little girl will like all the excitement of playing mother while also learning about toilet training simultaneously. The doll comes dressed in her own t-shirt along with pair of “big girl” panties.

She has movable arms and legs and also curly pigtails that can be brushed. She has all her necessary bathroom accessories for example her toilet, sink, towel, cup, soap dispenser, brush, toothpaste tube and two bathroom shelves so not just is she a great toilet training doll, she can help get your small girl to clean her teeth.

She says all kinds of different things like “Mommy, I love you” and also “Time to clean my teeth!” The key feature, obviously, has to do with potty training. She can sit on the toilet and it will sound like she is really going. She will talk about the process and hum a little tune before she goes.

She will say all sorts of adorable and funny phrases. The “water” in the toilet vanishes and your girl can even flush the toilet. This potty training doll teaches plenty of great things including hand cleaning. She even goes into sleep mode like a real live baby!

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