Baby Van Gogh – Engage Your Infant’s Visual as well as Auditory Senses

Take yourself back in time to really early years as a child. Bear in mind how fantastic it need to have been when every thing was a marvelous new adventure, the entire world just waiting to be discovered, when an old plastic bag sailing past a train window was a remarkable dragon’s tail…Imagine what thrills lie in wait for your small 1 with Baby Einstein’s Baby Van Gogh


Picture their feeling of wonderment as they discover the colors of the rainbow via a enchanting mixture of songs, artwork as well as poems! Providing them with an early introduction to Van Gogh’s fantastic images and amazing colors – this is really a gift that will enrich them for their whole lives.

Yellow, green, orange, purple, red and blue – the six basic colors are introduced with a mesmerizing combination of Van Gogh’s art, serene classical music and original poetry. There is a good variety of music, including excerpts from perennial favorites like Rossini’s William Tell Overture and Ravel’s Bolero.

Each color has quite a few segments devoted to it featuring the color in toys and nature photography, and, of course, Van Gogh’s timeless artwork. Each color is associated with a particular Van Gogh painting – Sunflowers for orange, Starry Night for blue and so forth. Youngsters are also shown illustrating the colors – a boy holding a blue umbrella, just a little girl holding a lemon and so on. There is an even mix of boys and girls portrayed.

Fun is a very important aspect of learning and your little one will chuckle with glee at the antics of the art-loving puppet, Vincent Van Goat. This hilarious blue artist goat puppet paints a Van Gogh picture to illustrate each color.

You are able to even involve your son or daughter in other languages, utilizing the Digital video disks Spanish and French tracks.

Additional features of the DVD consist of a toy chest and discovery cards, to add selection in learning. The duration of the DVD is also timed just ideal for small ones – being not too lengthy, it retains their interest throughout the entire film.

Baby Van Gogh is just one in a series of Baby Einstein DVDs, along with Baby Shakespeare, Discovering Shapes and Baby Mozart, and others. More than any other in the series, Baby Van Gogh provides a stimulating and entertaining learning experience for the visual and auditory senses, seamlessly blending great music with images from nature and art, in a way which positively mesmerizes and delights young children.

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