Atlanta Wildlife Removal Services Remove Pests From Your Home

There are many irritating situations to deal with in life. Few are as upsetting as having squirrels or rats living in your house. The best thing to do about it is hire professional Atlanta Wildlife Removal Services.

While the rats are exterminated, the other wildlife is not. Squirrels, raccoons, beavers and bats are trapped in wire cages. They take them to a far away forested area to live. The beavers, as you may know, can block a stream and cause flooding on a farm or other property.

It is surprising how cute a raccoon looks from a safe distance. Children are given stuffed toy raccoons just because they are so appealing. However, the real ones get into garbage cans and throw trash around the property. Snakes, skunks and possums also present a problem.

The raccoons do have cute little faces with their black masks. Their tails certainly are more attractive than the tails on rats. But cute or not, they will bite if feeling threatened by a human approaching them as they forage in the garbage cans. Still, they are not killed by the pest control experts. They are trapped and moved carefully to avoid the professionals from being bitten.

Bats fill a useful purpose. Each night they fly out and eat mosquitoes and other insects that fly. Being nocturnal, they return to the place where they hang throughout the day.

They enter the attic through the smallest of openings. They may stay to give birth and raise their young. You may not be aware that it is illegal to kill bats and they must be relocated instead.

The obvious sign of squirrels or bats in the attic are scurrying sounds at night. Bats are nocturnal flying out each night to feed. You can hear the sounds of the squirrels scratching little feet in the attic or inside the walls.

Squirrels have teeth that grow continually throughout their life span. They will chew everything in sight to keep them trimmed down. Your wiring, if chewed, can cause a fire in your attic. They chew insulation too.

Once an attic is cleared of the pests, it is possible they may return. The pest control people transport them to a distant area for release. The animals are safe and the homeowner is relieved of the problem.

Call the professionals and they will evaluate the work that needs to be done. They will get rid of the bats or squirrels. They will clear out the droppings and sanitize your attic. No wildlife are killed when possible. However, rats are since they pose such a hazard.

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