Approaches To Cremation

While cremation has become an increasingly popular method of disposition, in most cases, the choice to be cremated is predetermined. Almost 25 percent of the deceased in the United States already choose this method, with the numbers rising every year. By the end of 2010, that number is expected to be around 35 percent. In the east, where land is at a premium, the cremation rate is over 50 percent. Out west, with land in greater supply, the number is lower. In other parts of the world, like Japan, where the cremation rate is nearly 98 percent, cremation is the obvious choice for disposition.

Cremation is chosen for various reasons – religious, environmental, philosophical, and now simply for the expense. Some decide on cremation because the process is simpler. If you are deciding what method of cremation to use, it is important to know all the options that are available.

The decision for cremation is no doubt a very personal one. Once you have decided on cremation as your method for disposition, it’s important to know all of your options. Many people choose cremation because of the vast array of options that reflect memorialization and personalization. Let’s talk about just a few examples of this.

Our first example of a cremation memorial is called the flush memorial. Attached to a marker, you place an inverted and secure protective canister. Designs and styles are available in bronze and/or granite to personalize the memorial. To save a significantly in funeral expenditures, one can have the remains interred into the marker.

Scattering is another method of disposition of the cremated remains. The predetermined choice may have been made to have the remains scattered by the seaside, in the family garden, or other sacred place of their choice. This method allows for many different options in memorialization.

Many choose the ground burial for interring the remains, which is quite similar to a traditional burial. Instead, a cremation vault is used to help in the preservation of the urn. The cremation vault prevents sinkage of the ground when the burial method is used. Because of the significant cost savings, many opt for this type of cremation burial.

When it comes to cremation as a means of disposition, the options are virtually limitless. Variations of disposition are easily tailored to meet the expectations of the deceased. These are but a few examples of the approaches to cremation.

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