Add Pizzazz To Your New Home With Cafe Style Shutters

You know that feeling you get when you purchase something new, anything; a new bag, shoes or maybe even a pair of trousers; elation and pride all rolled into one. If you should happen to feel such joy getting a single pair of trousers, how would you feel if you purchased a new house? Just multiply the previous exhilaration and pride by a ten times, scratch that, do so by a hundredfold. Now add into this equation decorating this new home; awesome right?

When it comes the time to decorating your new place, householders want to be different, they need their home to stand proud of the others in the street; both from the inside and the outside. And when one talks of decorating your abode from both the inside and the outside; one cannot help but talk of window treatment options. And what better way to cover your windows than with Cafe Style Shutters.

What are Cafe Style Shutters?

Cafe Style Shutters are basically Plantation Shutters that are ideal for ground level windows and work well in town homes. Another special quality of these shutters is the simple fact that the shutters are split into 2 parts, the top part of the window are left unshuttered, while the bottom part is shuttered.

The Cafe Style Shutters are named so because they were basically utilized in cafeterias and hotels. The unique design of Cafe Style Shutters makes them a brilliant window treatment option as they supply house owners with plenty of options.

Thanks to the alternate styles of the top and bottom part of the Cafe Style Shutters, you fundamentally have two widow style options in one; owners get all the privacy they need while having a lot of options to control the amount of daylight that enters into their room.

Plus, with Cafe Style Shutters you not only get versatility but also elegance for your new place as well.

Wish to install shutters in your home now, don’t you? Well, of course you do! Now that you’ve settled upon the style of shutter that you would like, all which is left to do is choosing which material your shutters should be assembled from. You basically have two major choices.

1. Basswood Cafe Shutters

Cafe Style Shutters assembled from Basswod have a much deeper wood grain, so when these shutters are stained they absorb in the stain far deeper than any other sort of shutter. Basswood shutters are firmly compacted due to their deep grain.

2. Poplar Wood Cafe Shutters

Unlike Basswood shutters Cafe Shutters made of Poplar wood have a smoother grain, so they are smoother to touch than Basswood shutters but they don’t have the same superb staining properties compared to the Basswood.

Whether you go for Basswood or Poplar wood shutters, one thing is virtually always certain, once you choose to install Cafe Style Shutters in your home not only can you make a profitable investment but you add pizzazz to your new place in virtually no time!

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