A Guide To Home Elderly Care Nassau For Aging Seniors

Family caregivers constantly worry about the safety and health of their senior loved ones. They worry whether or not the senior is taking medication, eating nutritional meals, avoiding accidents and just being safe in the home. It is important to them that their loved one is safe and in the best care when they are not around. So, just what can family caregivers do to make sure their aging senior is safe then they are not around? Many families find that it is necessary to improve their elderly care Nassau NY caregiving.

It is not something that is often discussed among family and friends, and in most cases only whispered from patient to physician. However, the realization is that it does happen, and is often more common in senior women. The problem occurs when a person has a problem controlling their bowels, when this happen either liquid or solid stool passes.

Purchase non-slip socks for the senior. Most seniors love to roam through their home with no shoes and just socks on. The best way to protect them is to ensure they have socks that will not cause them to slip. The socks have an extra rubber padding on the bottom that keeps the individual from sliding.

Another reason the help can be hired in the home is to help with safety. They can be the eyes for seniors who still like to prepare their own meals but have trouble remembering to turn appliances off. These helpers can go behind the senior and make sure that all appliances are off and that the proper precaution has been taken to avoid any other risks.

Secure rugs and handrails to protect. Senior often need a helping hand when maneuvering around their home. Make sure rugs are secured to the floor with no wrinkles, which could cause the senior to trip and fall. All small rugs should be removed, especially in the homes of those using walkers or canes.

Make necessary changes to the home for easy maneuvering. The biggest problem that older people have is the accessibility of their home. If the home is a two story home, they might not be able to get upstairs to their bedroom or other rooms. Take the time to arrange the house so that everything is located on the first floor in instances such as this one. The senior will then have no reason to try to get up and down the stairs.

Although some aging adults do not admit they really enjoy having the extra help around. It can often take the person a bit of getting used to having extra hands in the home. However, once the help is there is hard to imagine being able to get around without the assistance.

Consider getting the aging person a life alert monitoring system. If something should go wrong with them at a push of a button the emergency medical authorities will be summoned to their home. With this type of monitoring you will always feel that your loved one is safe. With the monitoring and the help of and home health aide you will know your family member is safe at all times.

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