Wrinkle Reduction Can Be Very Relaxing!

Wrinkle Reduction. Don’t you wish you didn’t have to go there? Well, this article may just change your mind, as this technique not only makes you feel wonderful, but causes wrinkle reduction as well.

I’m talking about facial massage. When applied regularly, it can actually prevent the formation of future wrinkles as well. This is possible, as the massage calms your facial muscles and stimulates the tiny blood vessels under the skin of your face. The great thing is you can do it yourself – here’s how:

1. Start by washing/cleansing your face. Dry off

2. Apply generous amounts of either jojoba oil or your favorite anti aging skin cream.

3. Stroke your entire face in this like this: Use your hands and work up the neck, out across the cheeks, then glide gently inwards, work your way up and then out over the forehead. Complete by applying gentle pressure to your temples.

4. Skin stimulation: Use the back of your hands to loosely roll your fingers up your cheeks. Can also be done to your neck and under the chin area.

5. Gently pinch the skin along your jawbone and under the chin using the thumb and index finger. This is also very stimulating – Plus it helps prevent a double chin!

6. Tension Release: Squeeze your eyebrows with your thumb and index finger. Starting at the bridge of your nose, make little squeezing motions and gradually move towards your temples. This one feels so wonderful it’ll make you tingle!

7. Neck and shoulder tension release: Making circular, firm movements, work up either side of your neck, then out across the shoulders.

That’s all! – For wrinkle reduction and prevention, perform this relaxing ritual every day. Your face will love you for it.

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