With Massage Chair Therapy You Don’t Need To Be Fat

When you body stores un-wanted food/sugar it turns into fat which then sits on the body making the body larger is size, and this is when you say obesity has set in. There are several elements that lead to obesity – improper nutrition, work habit, depression, physical trauma and long term starvation. Patients to whom the 1st and 2nd degree obesity is common are most often energetic and not having other complaints, they can carry out difficult works requiring much physical and mental tension.

In case of the 3rd or 4th degree obesity sufferers much more often complain about choke when walking and also under any other physical load. The majority of complaints are common to sicknesses which are instigated by obesity coronary atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, and etc. Stretch marks can appear on the skin, especially if someone gains the weight quite quickly. And also the skin of the back seems flabby. Being fat is hard on the body, the wallet and self esteem.

They may also have sleep apnea disorder, asthma and depression. A change in habits and shift to a healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet helps obese to improve their body. Further, avoiding over- dependence on fast foods can help in treating obesity. Doctors recommend diet and exercise so that fat will not accumulate in their bodies and their body can burn calories taken.

Exercise and a simpletherapeutic massage can be a great help to maintain the whole body tone, activation of oxidation processes, stimulation of gas circulation in lungs and tissues, improvement of lymphatic and blood circulation, facilitation of heart activity, removal of stagnation phenomena in the body as well as pressure in viscera. You might not have heard this before but massage chair therapy can actually help you loose weight. An Inada Sogno Dreamwave plus massage chair can do the work for you. It has rollers that can do figure 8 pattern just like massage therapist can do during a shiatsu session. It also gives gentle neck traction as well. It has airbags that inflate around the hip and thigh to knead these large muscles and provides some hip movement. It has a stretch program that not only takes you into extension and flexion but also gives a slight rotational pull in the shoulders, mid-back and hip.

Another feature is that it has a setting that recognizes your body even young people in your spouse and children can use it. Sogno has an optical sensor that scans your body and give you personalized massage your body needs. Massage Chair Therapy helps blood circulation which in turn helps the fat cells move along instead of clumping which creates the “cottage cheese effect” on your body.

Get relaxation from massage chair therapy today!

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