What Is Binaural Meditation? The Inside Scoop

With constantly changing trends, it can be difficult to follow all of the jargon and options available for self-improvement. So, what is binaural meditation?

It utilizes a strange sound effect called binaural beats. They are a kind of auditory illusion created with certain kinds of closely related sounds. Sounds that are close to each other in frequency will be filtered by the audio processing portions of the brain. This creates a sound with a repeating beat. This can be conceptualized as like similar filtering effects seen with polarization, like when polarized sunglasses filter out glare and reflections.

Binaural beats were first discovered in the early nineteenth century by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. They were largely ignoring by science and society until the publication of an article in the early 1970s. A large amount of interest and experimentation with the beat artifacts followed in subsequent decades.

People discovered that the rhythms could be used just like strobe lights to affect the mind. This “brainwave synchronization” happens when the brain adjusts its own rhythm of electrical pulses to harmonize with the beats.

Different frequencies of brainwaves are associated with different states of mind, causing the practical effects of synchronization. Binaural meditation seizes on this effect to bring on trances and other frames of mind appropriate to meditation. It allows practitioners to enter higher states with much less work.

A lot of people trying meditation are distracted by a constant stream of images, ideas, feelings, and internal conversations. This is a very common difficulty for those first learning to meditate. Binaural rhythms significantly reduce this problem as they move the brainwave rates into the meditation range.

It is important to use the correct frequencies of sound. Software packages vary widely in quality, so be sure to select carefully if you choose to use software. There are many meditation audio recordings available that have the frequencies appropriately balanced and orchestrated. Choose an option that best suits your needs.

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