Lose Weight With a Weight Loss Detox

Using a weight loss detox as a body cleanse can help you flush fat, excess weight and the environmental toxins that may be causing you to have a hard time losing the fat. Many people have enjoyed health benefits from cleansing including; fat loss, weight loss, glowing skin and more energy.

More and more, scientific studies that are just now being made public are showing that our bodies accumulate toxic chemicals. These can be anywhere from chemical pesticides and industrial or environmental pollution including plastics, fire retardants and more. Our bodies cannot eliminate all of this on its own as tests are even finding them in babies’ blood even before they are born. Researchers are finding that these toxins may be responsible for many ailments from degenerative disease to obesity.

Pollutants from industrial chemicals and other toxins affect us in many ways. Doctors and scientists are becoming more aware that some even mimic hormones and cause genetic alterations. Some toxins are linked to Parkinson’s disease and others to thyroid malfunction. Most are degenerative disease which may not show up for years.

On top of all this, your body also stores waste. When you eat too many junk foods or overeat, your body cannot eliminate the excess fat and calories. Instead, it becomes overwhelmed and burdened and cannot do what it should do. So, your body stores the excess as extra weight and fat.

Even though they are microscopic, we absorb or consume man-made toxins every day while eating or even breathing. This can put excess burden on your liver causing it to not do it’s job fully. This makes a difference if you are trying to lose weight since one function of the liver is to metabolize fat.

A weight loss detox can enhance your body’s ability to lose this excess waste and lose weight. Don’t wait for research to tell you what you already know, or a new drug will help you. Use some simple guidelines, common sense and help yourself with the cleansing process.

Start by cleansing your colon to ensure your main organ of elimination is working fully and not sluggish. This can be as easy as using a colon cleansing diet. Replace junk foods and processed foods with fresh, organic vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. In addition drink 6-8 glasses of fresh, spring water. Add a colon cleansing supplement to help your body remove excess waste.

Strengthen your body cleanse by using certain herbs, supplements and foods that have been known to attract and help eliminate toxins stored in fat. These may include barley grass, wheat grass, cilantro, or spirulina.

Pamper yourself and help your body cleanse at the same time. Body therapies such as body wraps, massage, dry heat saunas and Endermologie help you remove toxins, fat and inches while helping your relax during your weight loss detox.

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