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One of the best ways to keep employees productive and happy is to give employee recognition. This serves to boost morale and makes it a much better workplace to be every day. Supervisors and managers will often as their employees or other managers for suggestions on how to show deserved recognition.

Large corporations often do not have the funds or the time to show individual respect and praise. These days, it is common for these companies to praise their employees through widespread emails, memos and a mention on the company website. They will sometimes take the opportunity to feature the people they want to bring to the most attention.

Employees desire to be appreciated and respected at their job for the work that they do. It can make the entire difference between a loyal, productive employee and a disrespectful, lazy employee. Those who feel expendable will act expendable. This not only puts a strain on their relationship with their coworkers and boss, it also reflects badly on their business reputation.

The only companies that can really survive with a high turnover rate are grocery stores and fast food restaurants. In office atmospheres, bosses do not want to have to keep hiring and firing their secretaries and assistants. This can be incredibly costly. Larger corporations would rather have their best employees stay around because they feel respected and cared about.

People appreciate being taken out to fancy restaurants as a reward for good service and hard work. A good meal, conversation and nice people can make an awards dinner a lot of fun. This is often one of the reward techniques that smaller companies will use to recognize their star employees.

Some companies give the employees they want to reward a nice pay raise, if they can afford to do so. This is a terrific method for ensuring accurate, good service from their people. It creates a trusted place they can feel confident to go to every day for work.

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