Treatment Options For Varicose Veins

It is possible for any vein to become varicose but the most affected are those in the legs and the feet. Varicose veins are gnarled, large veins. The feet are the most commonly affected because walking and standing upright increases the pressure in the veins of the part body. For most people, this condition is merely a cosmetic concern. For others however, it causes pain and discomfort. They may also signal higher risk of circulatory problems.

In most cases however, there will be no pain. It is important to therefore know the symptoms that could indicate one is suffering from it. Veins that are affected have a blue or purple color, appear twisted and bulging and are likely to look like cords in the legs. More often than not the pain that is felt is experienced after one stands or walks for a long time. Itching will also be experienced in the legs.

In order to ease the pain, there are self care recommendations that will be of help. They include elevation of the legs and exercising. Over time, the use of compression stockings has also become popular. These will prevent the condition from worsening. If one does not get relief after using these, or they want an improvement of their appearance, they may have to see a doctor.

There are various causes of the condition. Age is one of them. As one gets older, their veins lose elasticity, making them to stretch. Valves within them may become weak, allowing blood that should be moving towards the heart to flow backwards. Blood will pool will within the blood vessels, making them to enlarge. They have the blue color because they have blood that is deoxygenated. It is blood that is in the process of going to the lungs for oxygenation.

Pregnant women are also at risk. During pregnancy, the volume of blood flowing through the body will increase. In the process, there will be decrease in blood that flows to the pelvis from legs. The circulatory change is meant to improve growth of the fetus. However, it leads to enlarging of blood vessels. Luckily, the condition improves within three months of giving birth.

When it comes to treatment options, people are advised to be cautious consumers. There are various advertisements that are misleading by offering quick fixes and promising to give permanent solutions. A doctor should be consulted before considering them. The side effects or health risks should be assessed as well. Cost of treatment should be considered before making a decision. You should also find out of the treatment is covered by insurance.

In majority of the cases, self care is enough to bring relief. If they however do not, other procedures will be used. Most of them are less invasive and thus are done on an outpatient basis. The forms of treatment include catheter-assisted procedures, laser surgery, endoscopic vein surgical operation and laser surgery.

Most of these treatments are effective and one will recover after a short period. However, it is possible that the condition will recur. If it does, treatment will be done again, preferably a different form of treatment.

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