Treatment For Insomnia

In more than one week, you are having sleepless nights? Are you still awake til morning because you cannot sleep? Many of us have experienced sleeplessness, most commonly known as insomnia, at some point in our lives. Statistics show that around 30% to 50% of the population is suffering from this symptom while 10% are actually chronic insomniacs.

Medical science classifies insomnia more as a symptom and not a definite diagnosis. Basically, insomnia is the lack or difficulty in sleeping. Can be caused by a poor quality of sleep that an individual gets. Although insomnia cannot be defined by the number of hours of sleep, we all know how it feels and how it affects our performance if we have one sleepless night after the other. Many people are not seeking medical advice for insomnia, because they are unaware that there are effective medical and behavioral options for insomnia treatment.

Whether they are transient, short-term or chronic insomnia, there are medical and non-medical treatments available to relieve you of sleeplessness and prevent it from progressing.

The reason must be found of having insomnia to be treated. Once it is determined, it must be avoided. Causes of insomnia are usually different. Transient and short-term insomnia, which lasts for less than a week or around one to three weeks, can be caused by jet lag, working in shifting schedules, too much noise, uncomfortable temperature, stressful events in life (death, unemployment, divorce and the like), acute illness, and withdrawal from alcohol or drugs and other substances.

Psychological problems such as anxiety, schizophrenia, stress, depression and bipolar disorder in the other hand are the causes of chronic insomnia. Some medications on colds and asthma, high-blood pressure and anti-depressant pills can also be the cause of insomnia. Common stimulants like caffeine and alcohol can also result in poor sleep.

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