Three Types of Acupuncture Methods That Help in Back Pain

Acupuncture like many eastern types of medicine are slowly gaining ground and are slowly being recognized in the west. This traditional method of healing is slowly making waves in the medical industry and is very popular in healing back pain.

Here are the three types of acupuncture methods that help in back pain:

1. Chinese traditional acupuncture

Chinese traditional acupuncture is the most popular type of acupuncture out there that is available. This type of acupuncture is the one that introduced acupuncture in the world stage. Ancient Chinese people use acupuncture to treat a variety of different illness and one of the illnesses that it can heal is back pain. Through the use of needles, this method aims to control the flow of qi in the body of the patient. Through a balanced qi flow, you will be able to make the patient feel better and the back pain will slowly subside.

2. Japanese traditional acupuncture

Another type of acupuncture method is the Japanese acupuncture method. This type of method is almost the same as that of the Chinese method but the main difference is that the needles used in this type of acupuncture is thinner. This is significant because the usage of needles in this type of acupuncture is more than that of the Chinese.

3. Korean traditional acupuncture

This is the third of the popular types of acupuncture methods that heal back pain. The Korean type of acupuncture is actually more recent than the previous two but it is as effective. However, the main difference that this method has over the two is that the needles used in this method are inserted in the hands only. Through certain parts in the hand, the qi flow is restored to a balanced state. Also because of this, the needles are much smaller and thinner.

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