Things You Should Know About Medical Jobs

Because Americans are living longer lives and the baby boomer generation is getting older and requiring more health care, there are many medical jobs in demand. As demand for health care grows, there are more people needed to provide medical care as well as perform the administrative functions that go along with it. Whether you are looking for an entry level job or are considering what kind of medical degree to pursue, you will find many choices in the health care field.

Physician assistants are becoming more common in doctors offices and this job field continues to grow very fast. This person performs many of the same tasks that the physician does, but they work under the doctors supervision. You can become a physician assistant in approximately two to three years. The duties that assistants can do varies from state to state. Some are able to write prescriptions without a doctors signature while others cannot.

There is a need for medical secretaries to do the administrative jobs that are required in a doctors office, clinic, hospital or nursing home. Many employers will not require education beyond high school or a GED, but if you are competing against other applicants for the job, it will benefit you if you have had some medical secretary training. Strong clerical skills are a plus, too.

Along the same lines as medical secretaries are medical assistants. Medical assistants not only perform clerical duties, but also do some medical procedures such as taking and recording the temperature and blood pressure of a patient. They may also take the medical history of a patient and some even draw blood. If you are interested in hospitalist jobs, you can usually finish training in ten to eighteen months time.

Of course, physicians, surgeons and registered nurses are in great demand as are licensed practical nurses and licensed vocational nurses. Some RNs, LPNs and VPNs work in health care facilities while others provide home health care. It can take anywhere from eleven to sixteen years to fully complete schooling as a physician or surgeon. You can become a registered nurse in four years and a licensed practical or vocational nurse in one to two years.

Pharmacy is another job industry that is growing. Since you actually become a doctor of pharmacy it will take approximately eight years of schooling beyond high school to become a pharmacist. Pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants also work in pharmacies. Pharmacy technicians work under the direction of a pharmacist. While certification is not always required, a potential employer will look favorably upon an applicant who is certified. The pharmacy assistant generally works with the public and does not work with medications. This is an entry level job.

Many people are beginning to start a home based business as a medical biller or medical transcriptionist. The medical biller is responsible for sending bills to the insurance company for treatment that the patient received. Billing clerks typically work in hospitals, clinics and doctors offices before becoming an independent contractor working from home. A medical transcriptionist must have a strong understanding of medical terminology as well as good listening skills. You can complete training in a little under eighteen months to become a medical transcriptionist. Just as medical billing clerks do, many medical transcribers will work in an office to build up their skills before beginning to work from home.

As you can see, there are many medical jobs to choose from. Whether you are just entering the job field or looking to make a change, health care offers so many options. It is up to you how much time and money you want to spend to complete training and land your dream job in the health care field.

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