The Hazard Of Using Bleach In cleaning Experienced By Orlando Maids

Listed below are the effects of bleach as your material in cleaning.

Bleach as we all know is a cleaning agent found in every household.It is used to kill all types of bacteria and has a PH value of around 12.5. Letting you know that on the effect of PH 12.5 which can burn up to 2nd degree with intense usage and will kill types of bacteria.Apart from this it has been used as a cleaning agent for years now, where people have been putting it in their laundry, using it to disinfect, and cleaning all sorts of surfaces. Bleach with the new accent of Chlorine make cleaners jobs lighter for it will also be use in all purpose in cleaning their tub, sink, shower, and kitchen. There’s also a hazard in using this product that need to be avoided.

Listed below are some harmful chemicals that are present in this product.

.- Potassium Manganate – Hydrogen Peroxide – Sodium Peroxide – Borax – Sodium

The said chemicals contains oxidants which is so strong that takes place in the bleaching process.

So, you already know what bleach consists of, and Orlando Maids will now focus on its direct harms and damages one can do or sustain with the misuse of simple household bleach.

According to Orlando Maids, if bleach is mixed with ammonia, toxic gases called “Chloramines” are produced. We have to consider Orlando Maids studies that chloramines’ gases exposure will most like to develop the following indications.

– Coughing – Shortness of breath – Chest pain – Wheezing – Nausea – Watery eyes – Irritation to the throat, nose and eyes – Pneumonia and fluid in the lungs

Nevertheless, tips in preventing the harmful effects of the product are listed.

1) AVOID mixing acid cleansers with ammonias to chlorine bleach.As for it produce a gas which is toxic and brings hazard to you.

2) AVOID drops of chlorine bleach on your skin and putting it into your mouth. If you might drink or get inside your eyes, ask help and call the nearest clinic or hospital.

3) Keep clothes and other fabrics away from bleach because it can take away the color, and without being rinsed away can damage it further by making the fabrics thinner or even eating them away completely.

4) Being keen in using the pool for it contains chlorine that damage your hair, wash your hair properly after.If you let the chlorine sit in your hair for any extended amount of time, it can damage and discolor your hair.

For this reason, Orlando Maids said that, Bleach could cause big damage to the environment as well as the hazardous effect of it.” And so it lies in our hand on the proper usage of bleach and one must be reliable on the effects of misusage.”

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