Sufferers Find Hope In Hip Replacement Implant

Our hip joint is a ball and socket apparatus where the ball is the upper end of the femoral bone and the socket is the depression on the surface area of the pelvis. But due to aging and diseases like arthritis, the cartilage covering inside of the socket gets damaged and the resultant friction between the ball and socket while moving causes great pain and discomfort, which can even result in a person losing mobility permanently.

However, the lost flexibility of a patient can be taken back by replacing the existing hip with an artificial prosthesis consisting of a stem, a ball and a cup Numerous materials are used for hip replacement implant these days and some of them have proved to be not up to the mark. Therefore, there is a need to seek advice from and take the expert advice of a health practitioner before deciding on which material is to be used.

Several hip replacement implant components are available even though the commonest are those made from metal and plastic or totally metallic ones like stainless steel, cobalt chrome alloy or titanium A polyethylene spacer is positioned between the cup and the ball to assure free movement. The components may be placed in two ways – either by press fit or cementing using bone cement. The former setting entails pressing the implant on to the bone and solidifying it in its place where the latter mode is done using a special bone cement.

In the metal-on-metal implant, all the components are made of metal with no plastic piece placed in between the cup and the ball. This system has the benefit in that it does not wear out quickly and is resilient. However, concerns have been raised about the safety of the system since the metal-on-metal action releases debris in the form of metal ions that can be drawn into the blood stream, even though there is no decisive evidence linking these ions to cancers and other diseases.

The totally ceramic implant as well as the highly cross-linked polyethylene implant system are also being utilized as hip replacement implant these days . The former is manufactured of high endurance ceramic and is the most durable and longer lasting hip implants available. The latter is designed to prevent quick wear and tear. But these are new entrants into the field and as such, their long-term effectiveness is still under analysis.

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