Stop Your Dizziness When Lying Down

The symptom of dizziness is one of the most common complaints that brings people to the doctor’s office. It can be described as a feeling of being unbalanced, but it is not just a feeling of lightheadedness. Often when dizziness is experienced while lying down it feels like we are on a merry go round. People usually feel that the room is spinning themselves. This type of feeling is different to feeling lightheaded and is medically referred to as vertigo. Fortunately for dizziness when lying down there is an easy cure that can be performed at home.

Positional vertigo or BPPV is a common cause of dizziness when lying down. This type of vertigo is specifically triggered by particular head positions. The position of lying down is a common trigger. Also the motions of rolling over in bed, bending forwards and looking at the sky or ceiling are other triggering positions. Vertigo can have many different causes, some are very serious. This type of vertigo is caused by a benign or non life threatening process. But you can still injure yourself during a vertigo attack. And this does not make it any less life disruptive, scary and debilitating.

Because it is not a life threatening condition, dizziness when lying down caused by BPPV is often brushed off in the medical community. It is usually advised to just ‘get over it’ with the patient being sent on their way or medication is prescribed. Medication in this case works by de-sensitizing your nervous system so you feel less dizzy and less nauseous. But this drug approach is just addressing the symptoms and by doing so gives you a false sense of security, because usually the problem is still there you just aren’t as aware of it. If you stopped taking your medication you would be back at square one.

Luckily for people who suffer dizziness when lying down as a result of BPPV there is a safe and effective drug free option. Scientists understand what causes this type of dizziness. Inside our balance organs are tiny fluid filled canals with balance receptors. Movement activates these receptors which send messages to our brain so we know where we are moving. For some reason some small particles come loose in the fluid filled canals and disrupt the receptors, sending incorrect signals to the brain about movement. This is particular for certain head positions, which is why people experience dizziness when lying down.

Thirty years ago a technique was discovered to help cure dizziness when lying down. This was found by a medical specialist and since then has been supported extensively by research. For unknown reasons many doctors are still unaware of it or do not know how to perform it correctly. Maybe because it isn’t medication or drugs they feel uncomfortable about it. Anyways, most people after the technique report feeling better within a day. It is definitely worth a try, all you have to lose is your dizziness!

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