Sports Drinks & How Staten Island Pediatrics Can Focus On Them

It’s clear that many people have taken to sports drinks and there are reasons for this. They have distinct flavors that the sense of taste is triggered by and they contain components along the lines of electrolytes as well. With that said, there are various concerns to take into account when it comes to sports drinks and I am sure that those who specialize in Staten Island pediatrics will be able to say the same. In order to have a better idea of how to approach these beverages, keep these details in mind.

According to an article on Medical News Today, sports drinks have the possibility to lead to unhealthy habits if consumed enough. The article stated that research data was gathered by 2,793 teens, across a number of 20 schools in the Minneapolis area. Not only did the data entail how much they consumed in terms of sports drinks but the time spent watching television, playing video games, working out, and what have you. Staten Island pediatrics can attest to the fact that health can be affected through various endeavors.

After the study concluded, it was found that boys who took part in sports drink consumption were also those who spent 4 hours each week playing games and an additional hour watching TV. Even more noteworthy, though, is that these adolescents were not only linked to higher sugar amounts but greater rates of smoking. It’s understandable that athletes rely on sports drinks because of their refreshing qualities. With that said, there are better alternatives to turn to.

Water is easily the most common example of hydration, according to authorities along the lines of GPM Pediatrics. Not only is water a more prevalent product to consider, as those in Staten Island pediatrics can attest to, but they are viewed as safer as well. Keep in mind that while sports drinks can indeed hydrate the body, it’s not like they are able to offer much more. They do not have much in the way of vitamins, which means that your body can benefit more from other options.

Even if you are someone who spends ample time in the field of athletics, there are far better options to keep you going than sports drinks. While water may be seen as the most typical option, it is commonly viewed as one of the best. It is worth noting that since more than half of the human body is made up on water, this type of beverage should be a given. In order to maintain a strong level of health in the long term, it’s hard to deny the impact that water can have.

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