Pursuing Her Ambition to Be a Doctor Against All Odds

Now a highly respected physician, a lady recounts the times she accommodate some time for the odd party as she struggled toward her ultimate dream via a roundabout route, a tribute to her life’s purpose. In high school, she was not so single minded. Then, studying at a local high school, this lady’s mind was divided between medicine and linguistics as possible career paths. Hedging her bets, she took all the sciences along with languages French, English and Spanish. Communication was definitely her strength and she looked on to the guidance of her Spanish professor in making her final choice. The teacher told her that she can become a multilingual doctor but never a linguist that works as a doctor on the side.

Her A-level subjects, pursued at the local community college, were therefore exclusively science subjects. The results, after two years, were not encouraging, but she was undeterred. The only area she passed was Chemistry, her favorite subject.

She was able to breeze into the university by taking up a Natural Sciences course but she really meant to take medicine and will do so after finishing her first year. She was unable to do well enough thus she was unable to transfer but then she did enjoy this time very much. Mostly, she got B’s and rarely scored A’s. She decided on completing her degree due to this reason as well as her growing love for chemistry.

She majored in chemistry and food technology thanks to her fondness for chemistry. She received an honors degree in the field. There was not a single job out there for her right after she graduated. There was simply no work for her the first year she was out of university. Jobs weren’t that easy to find. She was looking for one in the food industry. She was very discouraged and wondering why she did a degree in the first place.

The sole person that could offer her a job was a man who dealt with drugs and decided to offer her huge pay after he saw how proficient she was in handling industrial kettles. She described that she was indeed offered so much but then she made it clear that she was taught by her parents that money is not all and she did not even get tempted by the offer. She continued applying in various medical schools while firmly holding on to her dreams of becoming a physician. As she waited to hear something from medical school, she accepted a teaching job with fear.

She became a trainee manager the next year after leaving her teaching job after deciding that she needs more money if she ever gets accepted in medical school. She retold the time when back then, she delved on the pros and cons and even had talks with different people she knew and they all told her the same thing she will just remain as a simple employee if she chooses to stay with the bank. Only medicine enables her to work on her passion while having her own business.

She finally joined medical school after two years. Year one led her to a mixture of fun and learning as how it traditionally goes. She simply took it all in. Not one of the bookworms but she studied as much as she needed and also allowed herself to party. She bagged honors in community health and was among the top 10 percent in Physiology in her first year. She valued the sense of connectedness to the people and this was the reason why she loved community medicine. You gain access into the homes of your patients to know how their lives ran before. She found such program truly admirable.

She boasted that while she might find cutting corpses up as disgusting, she wouldn’t be emotionally affected. However, pathology was a different story. She saw herself crying for 10 weeks after they had to autopsy the newly dead. The deaths led to her feeling some emotional loss. With her background in chemistry, she has learned to appreciate chemistry. Chemicals working in the body especially to rid it of disease was something she found so mesmerizing. Though it is not usual for her, she goes to the library to read journals. After bagging an award in Pharmacology, everyone got shocked.

She stopped trying to be a bookworm but bagged the title of a good party organizer along with her five study partners. Three of them got honors for they all did well during their finals. Gynecology and other medals were reaped by one of her group members. Now, we can confidently say that we never wasted our time.

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