Obnoxious Bad Breath Causes

Food particles have this habit of hiding between gums and teeth after each meal. They do not come out easily no matter how much brushing you do. This gives rise to obnoxious odors. Raw garlic and onions are a couple of these foul odor-producers. Post digestion, oils and ingested food find their way in you blood stream. Later, during the circulatory process they somehow find their way into your lungs and emit foul odors during exhalation. Some of these odors are so repulsive that they tend to remain for almost four days at a stretch.

Diseases of the periodontal system normally take place because of lack of proper dental cleanliness. In today’s fast moving world most people ignore their dental cleanliness factor. In fact, some people totally ignore them. Smelly mouths emitting odors can keep you away socially. Therefore, flossing and brushing your teeth regularly will not only keep all unwanted odor away, but will ensure that your teeth are in good condition. Remnants of food particles in your mouth ingest bacteria which in turn emanate foul-smelling odors.

Dental plaque is another cause of concern for bad odor emission. If plaque continues to persist due to improper brushing of teeth underlying causes such as gingivitis, tooth decay and decomposition occur. And, soon your teeth will show signs of weakness and cavities form. This is termed periodonitis and favors foul odors lingering on in your mouth.

Ensure that your mouth is well salivated. Saliva contains a chemical that automatically cleans the insides of the gums and around the teeth. Never allow your mouth to dry up. A dry mouth is an ideal place for dead tissue to form, especially on your tongue. Your inner cheeks and gums will also be invariably affected due to this dryness. This is the ‘Dry Mouth’ syndrome. Drying of the mouth generally occurs during sleep. Thereafter, when you awake you will notice a perceivable bad breath, which is referred to as Morning Breath”.

Stress, alcohol, too much dieting, smoking, chewing tobacco, nose and throat infections, chronic liver diseases and milk – all cause bad breath in varying degrees. Permanent failure of the kidneys emits a foul odor that smell like dried ammonia. Stomach disorders also produce unbearable foul breath.

The use of insulin has also been observed to have the side-effect of foul smell emanating from the mouth. Many are the causes for unwanted bad breath. You should study its causes and initiate appropriate remedial measures failing which you will become a social discard.

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