What You Need To Know About Clodronate Liposome Drug

By definition, clodronate liposome is a drug delivered using liposome (a synthetic lipid that encapsulates other substances for ease of administration into the body). Liposome is manly a medium which carries the highly hydrophilic Clodronate thus facilitating its transport into the target organ. Essentially, the aim of this type of drug administration is to achieve higher macrophage depletion after an intravenous injection of the drug.

The idea behind this drug is mainly to use it as the carrier or Trojan horse to help administer drugs that would not easily reach the target organ in normal cases. Provided the liposome has been ingested and digested by the macrophages (in the spleen for instance), the Clodronate is released into the organ though intracellular activities. The resultant product is the effective bisphosphonates that can then stop the macrophage functions.

Examples of the disease this drug is expected to treat include metastatic carcinomas of the breast, multiple myeloma and osteoporosis. It is also expected to be the best solution for autoimmune hyemolitic anemia, cancers and tumors in general. Significant strides have also been made with the drug during tests as far as inhibition of macrophages activities in therapies such gene and transplantation. Even in the handling of neurological disorders, this drug will be the best.

While it is still in its testing stages, the drug will not be strange since some clodronate products are already in the market to help with the treatment of excessive blood calcium. This condition is mostly seen in cancer patients. It is however encouraging that there are few mild side effects and rarely serious complications are reported. Patients using bisphosphonate products have in the past presented with nausea, vomiting and mild stomach pains.

While the above-mentioned adverse effects are considered mild and often disappear without further medication, other symptoms should not be taken lightly. There are however some rare cases where bisphosphonates have resulted in serious complications that warrant the attention of a doctor. Individuals should therefore be careful while taking the drug since it may also have serious side effects such as such wheezing or difficult breathing.

Clodronate products may also lead to swelling, mouth pain and malaise. As mentioned before, you need the attention of a physician. Since the drug is not in the market currently, you do not need to judge it by these pre-release precautionary measures. It is possible that the drug will turn out just fine.

As with all bisphosphonates and prescription medicine, you are not supposed to use them in some situations. For example, individuals with known allergies to Clodronate or bisphosphonates are advised to avoid the drug. In the same line, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should not use the drug. In addition, kidney patients and those using bisphosphonate derivates should also avoid the drugs. Lastly, individuals having gastrointestinal inflammations are not allowed to use the the drug.

The use of clodronate liposome, like any other prescription medicine, should be a strict procedure. You are therefore not allowed to share it with other patients even if you suffer from the same disease. Additionally, you are not to borrow such drugs unless a qualified doctor prescribes them. Finally and yet importantly, you have to take the full dose without skipping if significant progress or complete healing is to be realized.

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