A Vision Tester For Children And Adults

It is very important for adults and children to have their eyesight regularly tested for potential problems. One way to do so is to have an examination in an optometrist’s or optician’s office. However, a vision tester may be used almost anywhere to give eyesight examinations.

Rather than make an appointment for the optician or optometrist, applicants for licenses or employment an have their eyesight tested on the premise by employers or agencies using these testing devices. These devices test for color blindness, peripheral vision accuracy, as well as using the standard alphabet test. This saves the applicant, and business, time and money over waiting for test results from a doctor.

Testing devices are able to be used by connecting them to a personal computer that can help administer the screening. The computer can display the questions selected by the business and, with optional software, can store the results for future use. It may be customize to the testing needs of the business using it.

The visual devices can be connected to a personal computer which controls the testing. They also have optional software that can be used to keep test results on a database and used at other times to compare tests. The software also offers the ability to customize the testing for the patient.

These optical testing devices are able to be customized to use on adults or children. For kids, they may not only test for visual acuity, but also for color blindness and whether the child can recognize shapes or colors. It is a good way to catch early eyesight problems in children.

There are many manufacturers who detail their devices online for consumers. By searching for a vision tester, businesses or agencies can find the type of device they need and order it. It is a good way for companies to save money when their employees eyesight needs to be tested.

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