Midlothian Back Pain Relief Done Naturally Through Chiropractic Therapy

There are twenty-two million people in the United States who turn to chiropractors for pain relief on an annual basis. Of this group more than a third report the reason for doing so is pain in the back. Causes include traffic accidents, sports-related injuries and lifting heavy objects. A prominent Midlothian Chiropractor offers pain alleviation regardless of what caused it.

The first step to pain relief is making an appointment. During that first office visit, a thorough evaluation of the spinal column is conducted. Reflexes, range-of-motion tests and an x-ray are usually part of the examination. After the assessment, a care plan will be outlined to facilitate your recovery.

The backbone is made up of small, hollow bones called vertebrae. The delicate spinal cord runs through and is protected by them. If they are out of place due to an accident they can press against one of the spinal nerves causing significant pain. Your chiropractor will, with your help, devise a plan to move them back into the correct position.

Spinal adjustments may be scheduled to relieve the pressure. As the pressure is reduced, the pain is alleviated. No specific number of adjustments are required. It depends on how quickly each person responds. Each individual is rehabilitated at his own rate depending on factors such as age and health prior to the pain.

You might also have stiffness and discomfort in the surrounding muscles and soft tissue. In that case, massage may be a part of your rehabilitation. It will relax those tight muscles and restore flexibility. You may also be offered professional advice on exercise and nutrition.

When someone is in pain it is not good to ignore it. Pain is a warning signal that something in the body is wrong. When you have the pain evaluated, a care plan can be started to deal with the condition. You may be a good candidate for spinal adjustments which are known to provide pain reduction.

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