The Procedure Of Teeth Whitening Andover

Appearance has always been an important factor to people. It goes without saying that your dentition should always be in perfect shape. They are part of how you look. This makes teeth whitening Andover a big deal. This is a process that lightens teeth and gets rid of any kind of stains. Most of the stains are caused by discoloration that occur with time.

A stain can occur due to discoloration. As an individual gets older their dental formula is likely to have a duller appearance. There are different antibiotics that one may have used over time that can also cause this. The consumption of dark liquids such as coffee and the use of cigarettes is also a factor. Fluorosis is also a condition that leads to this.

Andover residents should first pay a visit to the dentist. This is important when it comes to whitening. This is because this procedure is for specifics and one needs to know if they make the cut. Deeper stains that are obviously not on the enamel may be a huge task when it comes to removal. At times they may not even budge and this information is always given to the patient.

People with certain conditions should not have this treatment. A person with sensitivity is likely to feel a lot of pain that they may not be able to stand. Those with gum disease or receding gums should also refrain from this. If an individual has an enamel that is worn whitening cannot be done. This is because it normally involves fixing up the outer layer to begin with.

Whitening can be classified in two categories. There is the one dealing with the exterior of the teeth and it is known as a vital treatment. If the interior is what is being dealt with, non-vital will be the name of the procedure. An individual who has been through a root canal may end up going for this. It will involve a filling together with a whitener.

The other method is normally for ordinary cases. When it is being done some sort of oil will be applied on the inside of your mouth. This helps prevent any sort of irritation that could come up. Hydrogen peroxide could be among the agents used to perfect your dentition. The use of light may be important in making it work efficiently.

The next step here involves the dentist shining a light on you. He will need to know the state of your dental formula and this makes it possible. If the discoloration is major, you may be asked to continue your treatment at home. A mouthpiece will be fixed for you. This will be in line with the manner in which they are shaped to ensure a perfect fit.

Close contact with teeth is very important. This will enable the medicine to work as it should. Wearing this piece should take a couple hours in a day. Removal should be when necessary. There is a type of gel that should be used before putting the piece on. An individual will be required to go for regular checkups to see if there is any progress.

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