Basics To Know Regarding Neuropsychological Testing

The brain is one of the most complicated organs of the body. It is responsible for so many different functions of the body. However, there are numerous issues that can arise when it comes to its function. If it malfunctions, a number of problems may develop in different parts of the body or there may be noticeable changes in the thoughts and actions of an individual. Neuropsychological testing is provided by medical professionals to people in many regions, including New York, NY.

This is done for many purposes. The main objective is to identify issues with the brain. Tests are meant to help them decide what issues are present in patients and how they might impact their concentration, problem solving skills, reasoning and ability to remember. Multiple tests are performed during the process and it is done specifically by psychologists trained in this field of study.

Test results offer greater insight for doctors who are concerned with brain function. The information that is gathered can be used to identify the best solutions for treatment or rehab. Practitioners might encourage this for people with diseases that knowingly impact brain health, such as: AIDS, dementia, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Parkinsons disease, stroke and tumors.

A person may have to have this done if they have had an injury related to the brain, including concussions. They may also be asked to take the tests if they have a history of drug and alcohol abuse, substances known to alter the brain. Some patients will be given then following exposure to poisons, pollution or chemicals. ADHD patients might be tested. Doctors may even perform these in order to check on treatment effectiveness.

Preparation is necessary. Patients should bring hearing aids or glasses with them. They should make sure to get good sleep beforehand and to eat. Sleepiness and hunger can alter results. It is fundamental that people are informed of how this process is to be carried out. They should always voice questions and concerns regarding the procedure and consider the meaning of the results, how the process is carried out, why the testing is being recommended and the potential side effects.

Different tests may be listed under this category. The kind that is administered will be based on certain factors, such as brain functions that doctors want to explore. These are meant to test the limits of patients so patients should expect some degree of challenge. Most involve performing tasks or answering questions. These may be done with special objects, paper and pencil, or a computer.

Tests may strive to identify the memory and attention span of an individual. Other times they test their skills when it comes to speech and language. There are even the tests that are based around checking planning, reasoning and organizing abilities. Feeling nervous prior to taking the test is a common feeling.

Results give doctors a better picture of the ability a patient has to remember, reason or think. Usually professionals will go over the results with patients and explain them in a way that is easy to understand. It may take some weeks for complete results to be available.

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