Medication For Heartburn – Other Natural Remedies To Use Instead

Heartburn or acid reflux has a number of different symptoms but it is mainly known for creating a burning sensation and distinct discomfort in the upper chest area. If you are experiencing this problem, it should not be ignored. Even though there is no shortage of heartburn medications that can be taken to relieve the symptoms, there are also many safe, effective and natural solutions to manage and help to prevent this problem so that there is no need to take medication for heartburn symptoms.

This first step in finding the most suitable solution for your heartburn problem is to identify the cause of your discomfort. Heartburn can be caused by poor or unhealthy food choices. In this case, the best way to correct the problem is to avoid foods that may cause or promote heartburn. This would include spicy foods, alcoholic beverages, oily foods, caffeine and citrus fruits. By avoiding these foods, you will go along way towards reducing your problems with acid reflux or heartburn.

Since not all cases of heartburn are the same, it is important to identify the nature and extent of your disorder. Serious disorders may need more intensive treatment. However, for most cases, home remedies may also be beneficial. Here are some natural treatment options to help eliminate the need to take medication for heartburn;

1. Fennel had been found to be helpful in controlling the discomfort associated with heartburn.

2. Taking one teaspoon of white vinegar along with a glass of warm water has been found to be effective in some heartburn sufferers. Once the discomfort starts to set in, take this home remedy to control the acid reflux.

3. Peppermint had been found to be effective also as a home remedy for heartburn. It has been proven to promote proper digestion. Over-the-counter peppermint products may be used as long as they do not contain caffeine and other ingredients that can worsen the condition. In any case, it is best to use natural or fresh peppermint leaves to avoid the need to take medication for heartburn.

4. Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is another good home remedy for heartburn. It helps to quickly and effectively neutralize acidity in your stomach. It should not be used if you have other digestive problems like gas or cramps and it should only be used in very small amounts.

5. Drinking adequate amounts of water daily can help in preventing acid reflux. It is advisable to drink one litre of water everyday.

6. When you feel like you are going to have heartburn you can eat a couple of almonds. Almonds can help you feel better once you feel the discomfort starting and chewing is also very helpful in preventing heartburn.

7. Ginger can be added to your water or drink and this has been found to be effective in treating, reducing and even preventing the discomfort associated with acid reflux.

8. Add more fibre to your diet. A fibre rich diet can help in preventing heartburn and can also stimulate a healthier digestion. Moreover, fibre also helps in eliminating waste and toxins from your body. Some excellent sources of fibre are wheat bread, brown rice and whole grain cereals.

Making healthy food choices and lifestyle modification can help in eliminating the need to take medication for heartburn.

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