Marijuana Abuse

Although marijuana abuse within the younger populations is of the major concern, one should be aware that we now have other patient groups that also abuse marijuana. A lot of folks with certain psychiatric disorders which include stress, anxiety, post traumatic disorder and bpd are also seen to abuse marijuana. These concerns have produced many institutions obtaining direct disclosure of marijuana-related problems, usage, plus a positive urine drug screen earlier than undertaking any therapy.


Marijuana is a Schedule I substance within Controlled Substances Act. Schedule I drugs are classified as possessing a high potential for abuse, no currently accepted medical utilization in treatment in america, and a lack of accepted safety for using the drug or other substance under medical supervision.

Marijuana Dependence Treatment

Leading up to any intervention, most drug treatment programs include education, monitoring of drug use, strengthening of support, therapy for possible comorbid psychiatric disorders and referral to the pain specialist.

Withdrawal and acute panic reactions and flashbacks during marijuana intoxication usually are managed with supportive therapy. In severe cases, low-dose benzodiazepines are utilized. Generally the withdrawal symptoms from marijuana are mild and do not required any drug therapy.

Patients with marijuana abuse or dependence are called a comprehensive substance abuse treatment program. Such programs are made to avoid relapse and include comprehensive substance abuse and psychiatric evaluations, laboratory testing, group therapy, education, social services, individual counseling, promotion of 12-step programs (for instance Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous) and management of any co-morbid psychiatric illness.

Often, these programs involve individual reflection about how exactly problems with substance abuse develop the indirect and direct costs of drug abuse, biopsychosocial triggers for substance use, relapse prevention strategies, methods to enhance coping skills and spiritual issues.

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