Manhattan Low Back Pain Relief Is Not Far Off

If you wake up in the morning hurting in your lower back, you are not alone. This is a common malady that afflicts thousands of New Yorkers every day. The pain may gradually get better as the day wears on or it might get worse. Pain may also extend from the back, into the legs and feet. However, the best chiropractic offices Manhattan NY has to offer are providing much needed relief to many, and the solution may be simpler than you think.

When back discomfort makes it hard to move, pain relievers can help you make it through your day. They work by blocking pain messages to the brain but drugs are not the long term solution to back problems because pain drugs soon wear off and they don’t address the reason you hurt.

Many types of back pain are brought on by misalignment within the spine. The human spine is made of a series of vertebrae (bones) in a row, and one misalignment can place pressure upon nerves. This often results in pain, numbness, or a feeling of “pins and needles”.

If you hurt your back, the trauma can cause a misaligned spine. So can improper lifting, posture, or the wrong sitting position at your desk. If you get little exercise and are overweight, your chances of developing back problems are greatly increased.

Your chiropractor is the professional to see when your back is hurting. These people use proven techniques and technologies to help you get rid of the problem. You may respond to chiropractic adjustment and muscle relaxation therapy, which restores the spine to its proper alignment.

Most people can receive help with back pain from Manhattan chiropractors. It’s simple to make an appointment for an initial consultation and examination. Together you and your chiropractor will discover why you hurt, so you can find long term pain relief.

Get low back pain relief instantly with the help of our highly experienced chiropractor. To visit one of our chiropractic offices Manhattan NY patients are welcome to this page at

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