How To Get Bigger Arms Without Steroids

If you’re a guy who is regularly hitting the gym then chances are you’d like to know how to get bigger arms.

After all, having a massive pair of bulging biceps is the pinnacle of fitness aesthetics for any man who takes his physique seriously.

But the situation is clouded by the never ending confusion and myths in the health and fitness industry.

First of all you have the guru’s who will try to sell you every new muscle building supplement under the sun, all of which come with a hefty price tag and lots of scientific jargon.

You will also meet countless people at your local gym who will willingly dole out advice – sometimes whether you have asked for it or not! This can create a messy situation as different people do tend to offer very different advice. And of course, you’ll meet those who claim you need to use illegal substances to reach your goal.

Here’s the news you have been waiting for – all of that is pure garbage.

The fact is building bigger biceps has many men confused when there is some seriously fascinating hard scientific evidence out there showing proven methods to get results in as little as two months, it’s just that many people are swamped by hype and sales pitches that they can’t dig deep enough to find real facts.

Today you’re going to see for yourself.

A Norwegian team of medical researchers spent 11 weeks looking into the theory that hitting your lower body with a workout could spark a growth hormone release big enough to force the upper body to also grow.

“If you want to get big arms, train your legs”, as they say.

But somewhat surprisingly, the researchers discovered that the testosterone spike produced from heavy squats and deadlifts was nowhere near long lasting enough to provide the full body effects people often talk about. However, they did stumble across another very useful tactic.

You see, the hormone spike was short-lived, but it definitely did exist. So the researchers played with the idea of training a smaller muscle group straight after their leg workout to see if it returned improved results. It did.

That’s because testosterone and GH levels are temporarily raised for around 30-45 minutes, and any minor muscle group which is trained within this time can claim the full benefits of the environment you have created.

So the researchers had a group of subjects train their left arm on it’s own for 11 weeks, while training their right arm after a leg workout. What they discovered was very interesting…

The right arm of the subjects was noticeably bigger and stronger.

So the saying should be changed to “If you want big arms, train them after training your legs!” The researchers concluded that any small muscle group could be used in this temporarily elevated muscle building environment following a lower body workout, but the smaller the muscle, the greater the gains.

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