How to Choose the Best Mouth Guard

Athletes have to be prepared before their game starts and one of the most important things they should consider is the safety. Serious injuries can be avoided once an athlete wears the necessary safety gears just like knee pad. The teeth are one of the most important parts of the body so as Richmond cosmetic dentists advises that athlete should wear mouth guards thus they should choose the best kind of mouth guard.

The quality of the mouth guard affects the level of protection that the wearer gets and most of the inexpensive and readily available mouth guards can provide poor quality. According to a Richmond dentist, the level of protection that a wearer gets is the best thing to consider and not the affordability of the mouth guard because you are just wasting your money when you are not comfortable wearing it.

* Stock mouth guard – this is known to be the most inexpensive kind of mouth guard but it gives poor protection. Person could have a difficulty adjusting the mouth guard to fit in his teeth so as there is a tendency that it will slip off that cause discomfort. Wearing this can distract the concentration of the player while playing and can even result to be thrown.

* Boil and Bite mouth guard – this type is the most available in most stores and this is also affordable but unlike stock mouth guard this is made of plastic that can be fit into the teeth using hot water. This kind of mouth guard can perfectly fit into the teeth with the help of the experts to be able to get the best protection and comfort.

* Custom-fit mouth guards – this mouth guard is obtained through the dental clinic. A Richmond dentist explains that the maxillary teeth will be used to fabricate the mouth guard in the dental laboratory. The mouth guard gives triple protection and it is thin enough that is comfortable to wear. It is made to cover molar to molar for sufficient coverage. Experts found that that this kind of mouth guard could not cover the back teeth resulting to fractures thus players need more time in getting use of wearing this.

The most important thing is keeping your body safe is to wear the gears as well as the mouth guard that gives comfort. Once an athlete is uncomfortable he tends to lack concentration in his game and he could not move with the best that he can. Even the Richmond cosmetic dentists have seen the problems that their clients have been experiencing and they found out that comfort and fitting is the most important things to consider.

Athlete should also have to practice good oral hygiene to maintain that healthy body. Practice is important but taking good care of the body is more important because it enables you to be capable of defeating the opponents. Discipline is important in an athlete of any sport and safety is one of their concerns. Choose a healthy lifestyle and obey the rules of the game to be able to stay active in that sport.

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