How Manalapan Chiropractic Doctors Can Help Relieve Your Back Pain Naturally

Manalapan Chiropractic offers alternative, natural techniques to alleviate back pain. Part of the chiropractic care involves hands-on spinal manipulation along with other therapies to straighten the backbone to allow it to heal without medications or surgery. Before any type of chiropractic care, a complete diagnosis should be performed to determine the cause of the pain you are experiencing in your back. It is common among chiropractors to include nutritional counseling, massage therapy and exercise programs to improve and maintain your overall health.

Chiropractic care was developed with the idea that if the backbone is properly aligned, nerve pulses can freely flow along the spinal cord. If it is not, the flow of nerve pulses is interrupted and disease, not just back pain, can result. This is known as the subluxation theory. According to this theory, disorders in any area of the body can result from subluxations in the spine as the nervous system carries messages to all areas of the body. Adjusting the vertebrae to a proper alignment allows the nervous system to function properly, helping the body restore itself.

Chiropractors who approve of the subluxation theory practice spinal manipulation to assist patients with various conditions. Spinal manipulation has shown to help many different back pains and eventually restores the patient’s mobility. This method relieves the stress from surrounding tissues, tendons, ligaments and muscles alleviating the pain and restoring normal functions.

When making the spinal adjustments a chiropractor will first massage and stretch the muscles to help move the vertebrae easier. The adjustments are done manually and require that the doctor apply pressure to the spine to coax the vertebrae into it proper place. This is a high velocity thrust, and although it may hurt initially the result will be less pain within seconds.

Massage therapists and chiropractors work hand in hand to help a patient achieve a faster recovery. After the initial spinal adjustment, the massage therapist will help to keep the muscles from becoming tense to prevent another alignment problem.

A full diagnosis by a physician should be performed before approaching a chiropractor for back pain problems. The pain could be the result of a more serious problem. After the possibility of a serious condition has been ruled out, you can work with a Manalapan Chiropractic doctor to relieve your pain naturally. Often, these doctors will discuss and recommend options about ergonomics, exercise and nutrition to improve your health and maintain a better lifestyle.

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