How Fayetteville, GA Tension Headache Sufferers Find Relief With Chiropractic Care

A Fayetteville chiropractor has many patients complaining of tension headaches. These are the most common type of headaches, particularly in adults. Sometimes, they are referred to as stress headaches. A tight band of pain and pressure envelopes the forehead or the rear of the neck and head.

The duration of a tension headache can be anything from 30 minutes to several days or more. There are two types, namely episodic or chronic. If the headaches have persisted for 30 to 60 days, they can be classed as chronic. If they occur occasionally and usually start in the middle of the day, they are classed as episodic. In the USA alone, up to 80 percent of the adult population suffers with tension headaches. Of these, 3 percent are chronic cases.

Women are more susceptible than men to tension headaches, and chronic headaches are also more prevalent in women. No singular factor is the cause and it is not a genetic condition. The headache is a result of tight muscles at the back of the head and scalp. Tension can be the cause of poor posture, emotional stress, over-exertion, anxiety, or insufficient sleep.

Typical symptoms are irritability, concentration difficulties, disturbed sleep, aching body muscles, or fatigue. Taking painkillers does not provide a long-term solution because they merely address the symptoms and not the cause. Far too many people use painkillers for temporary relief.

Chiropractors set out to determine the underlying cause of tension headaches. To do this, he or she will examine your shoulders, neck, head, back, and spinal column. Muscle flexibility and motion will also be tested. In a lot of cases, the headaches are a result of a malfunction in the spine or nervous system, also called a subluxation.

An adjustment of the spine can rectify the subluxation. The associated build-up of tension responds well to massage therapy. All techniques applied by a Fayetteville chiropractor are designed to assist the body to heal itself. There are no drugs, no injections, and no surgery involved in chiropractics.

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