Healthy Foods You Should And Shouldn’t Indulge In

Scared of skipping meals but you want to lose some weight? No matter how little amount of food you take, be it vegetables or fruits, which are both healthy, still there is no denying that some foods contain this so called fatty acids and other foodstuff that can be both delicious yet deceiving to one’s body.

Fish are prescribed by some dieticians to keep up with a good diet. Its health benefits like omega 3 fats is good to our body.

Take for example sushi. Not only it is delicious but it is also good to eat. Yet some sushi rolls contains harmful fats such as mayonnaise and cream cheese which could increase our calorie intake.

Tuna, sashimi and other fish either cooked in a battered and fried or simply raw is much preferable by many than those of the sushi rolls because of all the preservative and extenders it contains, it is not palatable enough to eat.

When it comes to snacks, dried fruits. Although it contains calories, it is still favorite among others due to it additive sugars and preservatives, making it all the more harmful to our diet. Therefore, it is suitable to have fresh fruit during snack time.

During snacks hours, you can munch on granola bars. But, did you know that granola at times can unhealthy? Unless of course, it is homemade, only then you can be assured you’re on the right track while on diet. Some granola bars bought on supermarket contains more sugar that could add up to more calories and fats which can ruin your diet.

Veggie burgers is not a healthy option either. It also contains more fats, so better be aware of its benefits not just because of the thought that by eating veggies, you’re saved from gaining extra pounds

Another reason why you shouldn’t indulge in veggie burgers is that it has several calories from all the dressings and cheese mixed up to form a veggie burger. If in case you yearn for such, be mindful to eat it in slow and easy manner.

With these in mind, you’re on your way to a slimmer, healthier, beautiful you.

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