Five Good Points To know about Tongkat Ali

There is a lot of false information floating around out there regarding the history, purposes, and effectiveness of the many herbal supplements on the market shelves today. The information, or misinformation perhaps, surrounding tongkat ali (which is also known by its scientific name eurycoma longifolia) is no exception to this general observation. Here is some general information about eurycoma longifolia that can be used to get a head start on researching this potentially very useful herbal supplement.

Native to Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, and Vietnam, eurycomia longifolia is a flowering plant that belongs to the Simaroubaceae family. Each of these places has its own unique name for the plant. All of these names make reference to the plant’s bitter taste and medicinal qualities. Malays call the plant penawar pahit, or “bitter charm/medicine”.

The health benefits of eurycomia longifolia have been known for centuries by the people of southeast Asia. It is said to improve overall health, act as an anti-malarial agent, and most importantly it acts as an aphrodisiac, a sexual performance enhancer, and a testosterone producer. Because of these sexual performance enhancing properties, men in Malaysia and elsewhere in southeastern Asia have viewed “penawar pahit” as a symbol of virility, ego, and masculinity.

The plant also is purported to increase testosterone levels in men. These testosterone boosting qualities make eurycomia longifolia a valuable tool in increasing muscle mass and decreasing body mass. In short, it has the potential to make users leaner and meaner.

Eurycomia Longifolia also has cancer fighting aspects. Several peer reviewed studies have concluded that eurycomia longifolia can be effective in battling lung and breast cancer.

The root of eurycomia longifolia is where the active agents reside in the plant. The supplement/enhancer is available in both a root powder and a root extract form. The root extract is generally more potent than the root powder form. Often, generic all-purpose herbal supplements will advertise that they contain eurycomia longifolia, but often in only very minimal amounts. For best results in using eurycomia longifolia it is probably best to get the root powder or extract form. This step will ensure that you get your moneys worth and the effect you desire.

For individuals looking to improve their general wellness, their sexual performance, their virility, and their muscle strength, shape, and leanness, tongkat ali might be a good option. With these basic facts and information in mind, the goal of good health and good life might be that much easier to achieve.

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