Facts On Stress

“Stress is inevitable. All of us are subject to its occurrence because of the fact that we simply cannot avoid the happenings around us that cause it. Anything at all that may seem frightening or upsetting can trigger our body to react thereby leading to anxiety.

When a person gets anxious, he or she focuses on the reason for the angst and acts on solving or putting an end to it. Most if not all people, when stress is mentioned, almost always see it as a negative thing. In reality however, it can be positive as well because when under its effect, we are able to function energetically, further sharpening our concentration.

Basically, stressors are what lead to stress. These are the situations that demand highly of one’s attention, effort, and time. Everybody comes across the experience of being faced with these unnerving scenarios. Commonly, these are unwanted circumstances viewed as negative. Though some still consider stressors to be positive like a challenge that drives their motivation into achieving whatever it is that can be accomplished. Stressors are actually unique to each individual. What one might find pressuring may not have the same effect to another.

The body naturally reacts in order to cope when faced with severe tensions daily. The most typical manifestation when the recurrence becomes habitual is sleep problems. Even when the body is somehow at the verge of retiring, one still is unable to sleep, also called insomnia, falls under this category. Another phenomenon is teeth grinding, which happens without the grinder’s knowledge, and usually transpires during deep non-REM sleep. When subtle symptoms like these are evident, it would be best to see a doctor to find possible solutions. Or else, more complications will be appearing anytime soon.

When not treated, this will lead to more serious health issues, both physical and psychological. Those who are constantly exposed to high levels of stress are those who are more prone to cardiovascular diseases – according to studies. High blood pressure and stroke make up the top two of the long list of heart problems. Some people cope with exasperation by eating too, much, which paves the way to obesity. This, as we know it, pilots to even more health-related concerns as well. Depression and schizophrenia are examples of cognitive crises as an outcome of frequent and extreme conditions, and are seen harmful if not dangerous to the overall well-being in worst case scenarios.”

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