Top Four Most Threatening K-9s On This Planet

Planning to have a dog as pet? It is best to take note that there are dog breeds that are dangerous. One should keep in mind that dogs are not always kind and sweet. Before buying a dog, you might want to check out the top four most dangerous dogs in the world.

Huskies are included in the list of the world’s most dangerous dogs. Male huskies usually grow up to 21-23 – inches in height and weigh 45-60 lbs. Female huskies are about 35-50 lbs and grow to about 20-22 inches. They are known to be very active and they tend to run fast because they were first bred as sled dogs. Although huskies are close to the people, it is not a good guard dog because of its calm temperament. They are highly intelligent and because of this, they can get bored easily. Thus, it is advised to keep Huskies busy to prevent it from doing unwanted behavior.

Also included in the most dangerous breed is the German shepherd. German shepherds are working dogs first used for herding sheep. It can grow for about 22 and 26 inches in width, 25 inches in height and can weigh to about 40 kgs. Because of their intelligence, German shepherds are often trained to be police dogs, guard dogs and search and rescue dogs. They are very loyal and they love to bond with the people they know. They are approachable but they do not make friends easily. German shepherds have a reputation of biting some individuals.

Included, too, in the most dangerous breed of dogs is the Rottweiler. Rottweilers are brave and confident. Male Rottie grows 24-27 inches in width and can weigh 110-130 lbs while female Rottie can grow up to 22-25 inches in width and can weigh 90-105 lbs. They are often calm but react to the surrounding with great alertness. Rotties have the desire to protect the home and the family it belongs to. Like German shepherds, Rotties are approachable but they do not fall to immediate friendships. They are good companions, guardians and general-purpose dogs. Rotties, however, were listed as the second most dangerous breed next to pit bull because of several listed fatal human attacks. These negative behaviors maybe due to abuse and lack of socialization.

The pit bull is the most dangerous dog breed in the world. Pit bulls can grow to about 18-22 inches and can weigh 22-100 lbs. Pit bulls have natural aggressive tendencies towards other dogs. If properly socialized, pit bulls are calm, confident and good nature. They are loyal, affectionate, obedient and protective to his master?s property. Pit bulls are known to its bite. Pit bulls bite their enemies and will never let go until it is dead.

Dogs are loving creatures. They will definitely take care of you if you take care of them too. But, like human beings, they can also be ferocious if treated unjustly.

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