Exercises To Help You Surf Better

When you are preparing for surfing fitness, you would easily focus on the upper body strength. However, experienced surfer knows very well that this is just one of the areas you should bear in mind.

When you go out surfing, you will surely take a lot of time in the water either just floating on the board or surfing on the waves. This means that you will have to negotiate with the waves for a long period of time which will require you to have high endurance. If you do not have it yet, you can improve on it.

You can always to some exercises out of the water to build endurance. You can do any or a combination of the following: brisk walking, jogging, running, aerobics and swimming. Research tells us that if you continuously do one of these exercises for at least twenty minutes, you will notice a marked improvement.

Upper body strength is a necessity in surfing. To give strength to the arms, shoulders, chest, and back focus weight lifting exercises on these areas. Other ways to get upper body strength is by swimming the butterfly stroke as well as performing pull-ups.

During the week, you might want to do rowing as an alternative to your weight training. Rowing also develops the upper body strength, especially the deltoid muscles on the shoulders that are used for paddling.

When you work on your lower body, do not only work on the strength conditioning, but also focus on balance. Do a number of sets of lunges and squats for strength improvement, while you work on stability ball for developing a sense of balance.

If you’re not adverse to yoga, then you might also want to try it. Many yoga positions are focused on improving balance and the slow and steady poses can work out muscles you’ll be needing during a surf run.

Imagine yourself on the surf board while doing the yoga stance. Focus on the stance that will help you balance.

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