EDTA Chelation Therapy – Is It Safe?

EDTA Chelation therapy has been used for years as one of the primary treatments for arthrosclerosis or clogged arteries. It works by allowing EDTA material to enter the arteries or veins by intravenous route. EDTA is a chemical compound which is used to chelate or melt the build-ups or plaques in the arteries. Nowadays, there are other available routes for chelation. This includes the suppository and oral chelation therapy.

Arthrosclerosis is one of the most common causes of heart attacks worldwide. It can strike at any age, any race, and any gender. But the most vulnerable for this disease are the highly risked individuals. They are those with sedentary lifestyle, those who are obese, cigarette smokers, those who have salty and high cholesterol diet and those who lack exercise.

Plaques are made from the calcified fats and other minerals from in the blood. It could result in partial or complete blockage in the flow of the blood. With these, there cannot be enough supply of oxygen to the heart that could result into “myocardial ischemia” or MI. MI could result into symptoms like “angina pectoris” or chest pains, chest congestions and palpitations. When the heart cannot receive enough oxygen it would increase its workload and will pump more. Certain symptoms like high blood pressure could result. If this activity is prolonged, the heart would grow larger than its normal size. These cases could sometimes result into cardiac overload because of the increased activity of the heart.

Early management could prevent complications of arthrosclerosis like heart attacks or strokes. One of the primary treatments used for arthrosclerosis is intravenous EDTA chelation therapy. It is a procedure done in a clinic or hospital and the doctor inserts a medium in the patient intravenously. The medium used is EDTA that could melt and chelate the calcified plaques. This procedure is said to be very effective but has risks and side effects like nausea and vomiting. Also, if this procedure goes wrong, it could result into blood poisoning.

Oral chelation therapy has been discovered because of that issue. This procedure is less invasive and has fewer side effects. Some companies offer this remedy in a different formula like ingredients which are all natural. But be careful in choosing your brands. Look for safe yet effective brands. It is recommended that you must always look at the ingredients and do a research about them.

Don’t let arthrosclerosis take control over your life. Imagine a future with no worries. Imagine getting older but healthier. Oral chelation therapy is a good alternative if your doctor recommends EDTA chelation therapy for you.

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