Dr. Cormier Uses A Natural Whole Food Nutrition To Accelerate The Body’s Healing

How many times have you gone to the doctor for a problem and not be given a prescription for drugs, but instead, you were told to go to the store and purchase a whole food nutritional product? It is safe to say that if you are a resident in the USA, that scenario has probably never occurred to you.

Would you believe that medical doctors in the States are not even told about the incredible healing effects of natural nutrition, in all of their many years of study? Some doctors who studied it on their own and started recommending food more than prescription drugs, have lost their licenses for the practice of medicine.

Did you know that many small food companies have been forced to shut down as a result of simply telling the truth about what natural foods can do? They were raided by masked (or hooded) & armed SWAT team members of the FDA (Food & Drug Administration.) They had all their natural foods confiscated as if it was heroin or weapons of mass destruction, and they were treated as if they were terrorists, or drug kingpins. What in the world has happened to the United States we knew and loved?

Perhaps an even better question is why is Dr. Cormier willing to teach you this crucial information? The medical establishment is doing everything it can to protect its monopoly on the health of the people. They are fully aware that if the genie gets out of the bottle and everyone learns about the awesome healing effects that come with a natural nutrition lifestyle, they will have very few customers for their drugs. Their power structure will come crumbling down.

One of the reason Dr. Cormier spreads the word of natural nutritional healing is that he is a chiropractor. Chiropractors have always been mavericks, crusading against the dangers of poisonous drugs plus excessive surgeries that are not needed. They are doctors who really want to help their patients get well and keep healthy, using great nutrition as well as some chiropractic adjustments throughout the year.

Do you want to know the truth? Individuals who chronically taking medications are not healthy. They usually are unhealthy because of the medications, not the other way around. They also tend to be depressed, a lot. On the other hand, people who have a lifestyle where they stay off drugs and choose a diet with nutrition, are healthy and rarely ever depressed. So now you can understand why Dr. Cormier recommends a whole food nutritional product.

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