Do You Know The Difference Between E-Cigarettes And Regular Cigarettes?

Presently there is still a lot of arguing circling the new smoking product, the electric cigarette. Many attempt to reiterate that it may not be safe to use although there are experiments that show that it is often better to use instead of traditional cigarettes. If you contrast the many ways of getting nicotine, and that is what it all boils down to, there is really no sensible reason why the e cigarette is not better and here are a few reasons why.

The electronic cigarette does not combust tobacco in order for the user to get the nicotine they crave. When you smoke tobacco, it is being burned and this automatically classifies it a carcinogenic. This is what produces the tar that smokers inhale. The e-cigarette does not burn tobacco. A nicotine liquid is heated and since it is mixed with water, it only gives off a vapor, not carcinogenic smoke, so no tar. The no tar aspect alone makes the e-cigarette a better nicotine choice than smoking tobacco.

Another angle to contrast the two is the knowledge that one, tobacco, has thousands of chemicals in it like cyanide and acetone which are known to be deadly for sure, while the opposite, the electronic cigarette, has much less chemical contents, but nothing that could be close to what cigarettes have within them.

Besides the tar and chemical issue, the e-cigarette has no noticeable smell to stink up your person, your clothes, your house, or your vehicle. Most can typically know that tobacco has been lit because the person who smoked it will probably smell like it as well as the place where they smoked it. The stench from cigarettes might stick around for a long time because the smoke residue leaves a tacky, brown coating on almost everything it comes in contact with. The nicotine vapor that is produced by the e-cigarette dissipates almost instantaneously. Many researchers believe that this water vapor does not pose a threat to bystanders, but unfortunately opponents still debate this issue.

Lastly, the electronic cigarette can be much cheaper to use instead of cigarettes. Actually, it can run you around half the amount. When you use a single pack of traditional cigarettes each day, you will typically spend five dollars or more. If you use one e-cigarette refill cartridge, which is comparable to almost one pack of normal cigarettes, it can cost you around a couple of dollars. Is that a great enough reason to switch to e-cigarettes?

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