The 5 Most Common Diabetes Myths

Most Common myth number 1:

Diabetes sufferers can’t have sugar
People with diabetes do not have to stay away from sugar. Just like any other person, they should be sticking to a balanced and healthy diet that is low in fat, salt and sugar. People with diabetes should be able to enjoy a wide variety of food just like anyone else.

Most Common myth number 2: Diabetes sufferers should have special food

A number of special “diabetic” foods have been made available in recent years. These “diabetic” foods are generally high in calories and saturated fat and have a diabetic food label. A few years after their release it was found that they have a direct link with diarrhoea in some diabetic sufferers and still affect blood glucose levels, despite being much more expensive than conventional treats.

Most Common myth number 3: People with diabetes can’t drive

People that suffer from diabetes are just as safe as any other driver when they are responsible and control their condition. A number of research reports have proven this point yet the myth that people with diabetes can’t drive still survives. Even now diabetes sufferers aren’t allowed to drive all types of vehicles.

Common myth number 4: Diabetes sufferers can’t play sport

Just because you suffer from diabetes does not been you shouldn’t live a healthy active lifestyle. The risks and complications associated with diabetes are lessened when the sufferer keeps active. One of the most famous diabetic sufferers has achieved great sporting success. Steve Redgrave is an Olympic gold medal-winning rower while suffering from diabetes. However like any other person, you should discuss the exercise regime with your doctor first.

Myth number 5: People with diabetes are more likely to get colds and other illnesses

This myth is completely unfounded. Having diabetes does not make you any more prone to getting colds or illnesses. The only issue diabetes sufferers may face is infections or illnesses that affects their blood glucose control. For this reason it is recommended that people with diabetes get flu jabs to avoid being put at risk of high blood glucose levels.

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